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Cupid Arrow Gold Bracelet

Open, gold plated bangle in a cupid arrow design. Love and peace jewelry that can be worn in many ways and is timeless, modern and romantic at the same time.

37,00 EUR
Sun Gold Necklace

Gold necklace with a fine chain and tiny ball pearls in combination with a rectangle shaped pendant, engraved with a sun.

42,00 EUR
Roman Coin Gold Necklace
Necklace with fine chain links and silver pendant plated in gold in the shape of a fang.
Wear the necklace alone or combine it with another pendant.
49,00 EUR
Barcelona Flower Gold Ring

Gold plated band ring with the typical flower design from Barcelona, el Panot. Great finger detail, which is a timeless classic and and an elegant jewel at the same time.

20,00 EUR
Crescent Moon Necklace

Gold necklace with a fine chain, composed with a rounded pendant in form of crescent moon. 

43,00 EUR
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Gold Bracelet with Balls

Open, gold bangle in cuff style with gold balls at both ends. The bracelet is timeless, modern and romantic at the same time.

40,00 EUR
Only 39,00 EUR
Charm Bracelet 4 Circles

Gold plated bracelet with four, round, flat discs positioned along a thin chain. A carabiner clasp at the center back faciltates to close.

19,90 EUR
Only 18,90 EUR
19,95 EUR
Only 9,95 EUR

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Inca Coin Gold Necklace
Gold-plated necklace with a fine chain and an engraved rounded pendant, with carries the sun of the incas in the center. The sun was the main symbol for the well-being of the Incas, which dedicated many ceremonies to the sun to guarantee well-being of the tribe
39,00 EUR
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