Tips for cleaning and storing jewelry

Jewelry care and storage

Metals react to air and light, and in certain cases to the pH of our transpiration, as well as to moisture and the use of chemical products, such as perfume.

Normally, it is sufficient to polish the piece of jewelry with a soft cloth. If the piece is tarnished strongly, a silver cleaning cloth can be used, however, use it with care, do not use it too often, since you may polishing off some silver or gold particles, especially on your silver-plated, or gold-plated jewelry. For gold-plated jewelry it is recommended not to spray it with moisture (perfume) as the gold color changes. And, always keep your jewel dry!


Storage of jewelry:

There are three basic rules: no light, no air and always keep it dry. Store the jewelry in a sealable plastic bag and place in a sealed box. This can also be a Tupper box. Store the box in a dark, dry place where there is no direct light or moisture.

Before you store the jewelry, make sure that jewelry is dry, polishing and the removal of cream is important, otherwise there is an erosion of the metal. The ideal case would be if the jewelry does not come into contact with perfumes, fragrances or other cosmetic products.

There are several ways to restore tarnished silver. The mechanical way with a silver cleaning cloth is thorough, but also very tedious. However, when polishing always some particles of silver or gold will be removed. Therefore, this method should be used with care, possibly on jewels with a high grade of silver or gold. There is the possibility to manipulate your jewelry with baking soda, toothpaste, Coca Cola, 3M silver strips, freezer, etc., but we recommend the traditional cleaning cloth, coupled with the right storage.

It is not guaranteed that gilded or silvered jewelry will last forever. This depends on many factors, such as the degree of the silver or gold alloy, the storage, the use of chemical products on the skin, the transpiration of your body or even the pH of each person's skin. For these reasons, it is wise to know that gold-plated jewelry requires more care or that the alloy may not last forever. If in doubt, choose silver jewelry.